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Brian's Site Of The Month

Now I have been doing genealogy on the web since 1995 and one of the best places to start looking is The Olive Tree Genealogy. This site was created by Lorine Schulze way back in February of 1996. It was one of the first good genealogy sites on the internet and if I remember correctly the first site on Rootsweb.

The Olive Tree Genealogy site is a very large and complex web site. There are more than 2000 pages crammed full of free data, tutorials, links, everything you need to help you find your brick-wall ancestors.

Now because the Olive Tree is so big and complex lots of people get themselves mixed up and they miss some of the good stuff. I sometimes hear complaints from people saying they can't find anything on the Olive Tree. Some people go so far as to say there is nothing free there. Well I am here to tell you that there is so much free stuff on the Olive Tree it would take days to see it all. I personally think it should be called the Olive Tree Smithsonian of Genealogy. So in order to help you find your way around just follow my instructions and you should be well on your way to Finding your Ancestor on Olive Tree Genealogy.

Step #1. Don't click on anything until I tell you, just wait a minute. Let the page load for awhile it takes time so go get a coffee or something.

Step #2. Now scroll down the page, read EVERYTHING on the page Top To Bottom. Don't stop reading until you see the copyright info at the bottom. If you want to be a good genealogist you have to take your time. The biggest mistake you can make on this site is leaving one page to go to another before you have even read the first one.

Step #3. Now you can Click on what you want to look at. Remember All databases and records on Olive Tree Genealogy are FREE but some of the sites she links to are not. So if you find something that you have to pay money for YOU ARE NOT ON THE OLIVE TREE ANYMORE. If you do find yourself somewhere you don't want to be just use the back button (top left) and start again.

Good Luck

The Olive Tree Genealogy

Still mixed up?

You try a visit to the SiteMap or read the (Frequently Asked Questions) FAQ for help. There is also a list of FREE new databases uploaded since Jan 2003.

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