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Family Bible of HENRY KENDALL of Canterbury Connecticut

An Early (1850) Victorian Holy Bible In A Handsome Full-Leather Binding

This Bible was originally owned by HENRY KENDALL of Canterbury Connecticut

The Front Endpaper Inscription Reads:
Mr. Henry Kendall's Book - Canterbury CT (This is in 150 year-old ink)

Then, a second front endpaper inscription reads:
Now, Emeline H. Kendall's - Dec. 1893 (this one is in deifferent ink, and is later)

Cressa M. Clarke - 1906

Family Records

Family Bible & Genealogy Records of HENRY KENDALL of Canterbury Connecticut

" Henry Kendall and Emeline H. Stevens Married March 19th. 1848"

" Henry Kendall Born January 17th 1827 Emeline H. Kendall, His Wife, Born April 23rd 1828"

" George Timothy Kendall, Brother of Henry Kendall , Born Oct. 30th 1821"

" Alice E. Kendall Born January 5th 1851"

" Ella G. Kendall Born October 7th 1856"

" Andrew T. J. (?) Clarke Born Sept. 20th 1860"

Family Bible & Genealogy Records of HENRY KENDALL of Canterbury Connecticut

Other Names Entered Include:

Edith Darling
Ruby Isabell Judson
and Various Other Kendall Family Members

There are various entries in the 1880's and 1890's

Final entries include:

" Henry Kendall Died Dec. 9th 1893"

" Alice Kendall Died July 16th 1853"

" Emeline H. Kendall Died May 17th 1906" (It would appear that Henry was married twice; first to Alice, and then to Emeline, after Alice died at the young age of only 25 years old)

" George Timothy Kendall Died Feb. 2nd 1907"

There are 2 hand-written sheets of lined paper, with further Genealogical Information

The first list dates of decease for various Kendalls

  • Horace
  • Henry
  • Elnathan
  • Johnwaldo
  • George T. ( Timothy )
  • Amos

The second lists births 1880's - 1890's to: ANDREW T. J. CLARKE and ELLA G. KENDALL CLARKE

  • Edith
  • Ethel
  • Cressa
  • Florence
  • Jenny
  • Ruby
Found in Rhode Island

From Brian


George T. Kendall, 38 b CT, farmer
Nancy, 33 b CT
Emeline H, 32 b CT
Ella J, 3 b CT
Mary Ann Stevens, 60 b CT


George Kendell, head, b Oct. 1821, 78, single bCT
Emeline H., sis in law, b Apr. 1828, widow, 2 ch, 1 living, b CT
Clark, Andrew TJ, nephew in law 39 m 15 years
Ella G. K? niece 43 m 15 years 6 ch, 6 living
Edith D, grandniece 14
Ethel E granniece12
Crusa? M G Niece 10
Florence L g nicec, 8
Jennie JK gniece 5
Ruby IJ gniece 3

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