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Family Bible of Johnson Family

This is a very old Johnson family bible owned by John Johnson born on Aug 4, 1775 and his first wife was named Rebekah Baker? b. Mar. 3, 1778 2nd wife Cathrine

Other names listed in birth list are: Thomas Johnson, William Johnson, Margret Johnson, John Johnson Jr., Joseph Johnson, what looks like either Jack or Isack Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Samyel Johnson, & Mary Jane Johnson also Eliza Jane Hadley, Caroline Hadley, Dorothy Neible, & David Neible

The Bible from OHIO where it was purchased at an estate sale there.

From family register page:


Left column
John Johnson Senior born Aug. 4, 1775
-- Baker was born March -- 1778
Thomas Johnson born March -- 1802
William? Johnson born -- 1807 [last digit crossed out and a 7 written in. Since the children were apparently entered in birth order I suspect this was done later]
Margaret Johnson born -- 1805
John Johnson Jr born May 31, 1809
Joseph Johnson born Aug 31 1810?
Isaac Johnson born May 23, 1814
Samyel [sic] Johnson born May 10, 1819
Mary Jane Johnson born April 15 1822

Right column:
Ellizabeth Hadley born March 1832
Caroline Hadley born Feb. 14, 1834
Dorothy Niebbe? born March -- 1886
David Niebbe? born --

Next page - Births
Emma Jane Niebbe? born -- 185-
3 more names, hard to read


Rebekah Johnson departed this life in the 58 year of her age March -- 1835

Corlian [?] Hadley departed this life ?-three years, four months and eight days

Mary Jain [sic] Johnson departed this life age in her 17th year this 14 day of May 1838 at half after 8 o'clock

Thomas Johnson departed this life in the 44 year of his age June 3, 1845

The latest date entered is 1895 and all others are much older. Its in very good shape for the age. It has 4 pages of names and a couple of notes inside loose. On the back of a letter dated 1885 says,

"April 20-1885 Joseph Johnson was born August 31, 1811 on the old homestead east of Clinton in Morris township (looks like Honot) County Ohio."

Thanks to Linda Hoover for sending in a correction to "April 20-1885 Joseph Johnson was born August 31, 1811 on the old homestead east of Clinton in Morris township (looks like Honot) County Ohio." Linda tells me that "(looks like Honot)" is actually HURON County and Clinton is now Fitchville, Ohio

Johnson Baker Births & Death Records from Family Bible

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