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Family Bible of Silas Albright & Mary Ellen Cable of Ohio

Silas Albright & Mary Ellen Cable Family Bible Marriages

Silas Albright of Wayne Co. Ohio & Mary Ellen Cable of Wayne Co. Ohio were married on January 9th 1861 by Henry Winger

Silas Albright & Mary Ellen Cable Family Bible Births

  • Silas Albright born
  • Mary Ellen Cable born
    • Salina? Albright born __
    • Silas Griffin Albright born __
    • Joseph Edward Albright born __
    • Daniel? __ Albright born __
    • Rose Etta Albright born __
    • Charles __ Albright born __
    • Flora Elizabeth Albright born __
    • John Sherman Albright born January _ 1878?
    • Lydia Ann Albright born __ 1883?
    • Sarah? Christina Albright born __
    • Cornelius __ Albright born __
    • William Andrew Albright born __
    • __ __ Albright born December 13, __
    • Walter? Eugene Albright born Feburary 13, 1883?

Silas Albright & Mary Ellen Cable Family Bible Deaths

  • Christina __ February 13/18, 18__
  • John Sherman Albright, died August 11, 1873
  • William Andrew Albright died November 5, 18_8
  • __ Eugene Albright died May 2_, 1833/1883
  • __ Henry Albright died October 1887?
  • __ Elizabeth Albright died August 3, 1880
  • Rosetta Hershey died July 21 1893
  • Cornelius __ Albright died August 1_, 1899
  • Silas Albright died Sept 16, 1903/1908
  • Lydia Ann Amst__y died April 20, 1907
  • Mary Elizabeth? Albright died Nov. 3, 1909

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